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10 Mar 2022


  • Posting of Colors
  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • Marines Hymn
  • Opening Prayer


  • Roll Call of Officers
  • Recognition of Past Detachment Commandants Recognition of Past and Current Department Officers
  • Recognition of Past and Current National Officers
  • Recognition of Military Order of the Devil Dogs Kennel Staff
  • Recognition of Marine of the Year Recipients (Department and Detachment & Division)
  • Application for membership or guests to be recognized
      • Dan DeLong US Navy Corpsman
      • Mike Stine Cpl USMC
      • Shauna Howey PFC USMC
        • Dennis Dressler motioned to approve membership, 2nd Slyvia Passe 
        • Motion Passed
  • Minutes of the previous meeting to be read. Posted late, not approved at this time.
  • Correspondence of the Detachment
    • Commandant Tim Kruse read a letter regarding the April staff meeting in Yakima. April 2, 2022
  • Paymaster Report to be read.
    • Jim Brown Motioned and Mikie Taylor 2nd.
    • Motion Passed
    • Report read and Carl reported a $300 donation to Toys for Tots.
    • The relief fund has $1500, limit, Carl suggested lowering it to $500.
  • Chaplain report (Death, Sickness or Distress)
  • Report of Officer Activity since last meeting.
  • Reports by Committee Chairs:
    • Americanism
      • Ivan reported that he is working on the scrapebook and is still awaiting the return of last year’s book.
    • Awards
      • Dennis Dressler volunteered to chair the awards committee.
    • Coffee Stops
    • Eagle Scout Awards
    • Gun Shows - No shows yet.
    • Honor Guard-are serving at more funerals.
    • Hoop Fest- Manny reported that Hoop fest will be last weekend of June. June 24-25. We need approx $2300 to start it up.
    • Lilac Parade- Bill Bean Chair, Saturday May 21, 2022
    • Marine of the Year Society- getting ready for nominations
    • Memorial Day -Bryan is gathering the sound system and speakers.
    • Newsletter- Andrea Adams Volunteered
    • Planning- Is planning on a planning meeting April 9, 1400 at the VFW
    • Spokane County Young Marines- Jim Brown reported the the Young Marines will be promoting their first SSGT next week.
    • Toys for Tots- Jim Brown reported that approx 4,000 families served. Down from previous years, but due to COVID, a pretty good year.
    • USMC Birthday Ball
    • VAVS -Mtg was canceled until next week.
    • Veterans Court- Going well
    • Department Convention (when appropriate)
  • Old Business
    • Bill Bean asking Jim Brown and the Young Marines to move their breakfast from the 2nd Saturday of the month to the 4th Saturday, so that the League can use it for our breakfast. Talk is being bantered around about sharing the day and working together.
    • Bill Bean suggested we buy a 1971 Chevy Class C RV for recruiting purposes. Pictures were passed around and a committee was approved. We could provide free coffee and water and Only donations could be made.
  • New Business
    • Ivan reported on the Monahan staute fiasco and provided us with some interesting history.
  • Good of the League.
  • Installation of Detachment Officers (when appropriate)
  • Announcements White Elephant will be next month at the VFW.


Moment of Silence


Closing Prayer