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12 May 2022


  • Posting of Colors
  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • Marines Hymn
  • Opening Prayer


  • Roll Call of Officers - Tim Kruse, Jim Brown, Manny Esparza, Carl  Schaupper, Guillermo Zaragoza, Kari Sobisky
  • Recognition of Past Detachment Commandants Recognition of Past and Current Department Officers
  • Recognition of Past and Current National Officers
  • Recognition of Military Order of the Devil Dogs Kennel Staff
  • Recognition of Marine of the Year Recipients (Department and Detachment & Division)
  • Application for membership or guests to be recognize - Eric Harper 1st Dennis Dressler 2nd Randy Ott
  • Minutes of the previous meeting to be read.
  • Correspondence of the Detachment
  • Paymaster Report to be read. Carl reported. Randy questioned Honor Guard expenses, Carl tabled motion until previous minutes have been reviewed. Walt confirms expenditures were over a year ago.
  • Chaplain report (Death, Sickness or Distress) - Dennis reported on Ann Whitney's funeral.
  • Report of Officer Activity since last meeting.
  • Reports by Committee Chairs:
    • Americanism
    • Awards
    • Coffee Stops
    • Eagle Scout Awards
    • Gun Shows - Doug advises gun supplier has gone out of business.  Doug offers to sell M-1 Garand to the league to be raffled off at gun show.
    • Honor Guard - Mikie reports that 21 funerals have been attended to so far.  Service in Reardon on the 21st. John Brown got 3 gun cases to house the Guards M-1's
    • Hoop Fest - Manny reported that Hoopfest will be last weekend of June. June 24-25.  We need approx $2300 to start it up.
    • Lilac Parade - Bill Bean Parade is on, meet at 1600 for chow. N/E corner of Monroe and Montgomery.
    • Marine of the Year Society
    • Memorial Day - Bryan  picked up the sound system .  Tim Fitzgerald will be speaking. 
    • Newsletter
    • Planning-
    • Spokane County Young Marines - Jim reported a busy schedule
    • Toys for Tots - Jim Brown going to Quantico in Sept.  Looking at Nov to start t 4 t and Christmas in July.
    • USMC Birthday Ball
    • VAVS
    • Veterans Court- Looking for mentors
    • Department Convention (when appropriate) - June 3 &4 Skaggit Valley Wa
  • Old Business - Doug contacted 2 schools to award outstanding 6th graders, award plaques were given. Motion to cover expenses 1st Dennis, 2nd Manny.     Bill Bean advises of skin cancer near his eye and brought up the motor home , reporting that Pappy Boyinton has a trailer they put to use.
  • New Business - Business-Tim reported on a Marine vet being buried at Holy Family, daughter needs help to be in attendance, MCL to donate $300.  Tim 1st, Randy 2nd
  • Good of the League - Dennis reminded us we need to hold elections, Bryan Smith-Jr Vice, Eric Leclerc /John Brown-Judge Advocate
  • Installation of Detachment Officers (when appropriate)
  • Announcements - Manny reminds Devil Dogs to be at No-Li Brewery at 1300 for the growl.This will Be Z's last meetin as he is moving to Texas. Carl reminds us all that we can pay our dues at any time!


Moment of Silence


Closing Prayer